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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Songs For Your Season

Music is a powerful mood stimulator which stirs our emotions and memories. It can help you relax, help release and express your emotions, combat the stress that adversity in life brings, and even elicit emotions you would like to feel.  When I hear songs from yester-years, I recall not just the memories of that period, but the emotions as well.  In the Bible there is an entire book, the book of Psalm, which comes from the Hebrew word "mizmor" and is translated as a "melody of praise".  We see how young David in I Samuel 16:14-17 & 21, being a skillful player of the harp, was able to assuage the distressing spirit upon Saul, with the playing of music.  Have you noticed the way in which music impacts your moods and emotions?  You are invited to see how this works for you, by selecting a song below and allowing yourself to bask in the music and words. You are welcome to leave your comments through the "Contact Me" page.



If You Are Feeling..

Unloved and Unaccepted
Live Like Your Loved

How He Loves You


We Fall Down

Hills and Valleys

Empty & Without Purpose
Your Presence is Heaven to Me
For This Cause

No Fear
Weak & In Need of Strength
The Warrior is a Child


Sad or Depressed
I Almost Let Go

Anxious or Stressed
I Know the Peacemaker

Lonely and Alone
I'll Find You
He is With You

Better Days
Made a Way

Thou art my hiding place, you shall preserve me from trouble, you shall compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah (Psalm 32:7)




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